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Country Christmas Train

Join us for a country train ride at Denton FarmPark and learn the true meaning of Christmas!

Date: December 11

Time: 4:30 p.m.


Denton FarmPark

4259 Handy Rd.

Denton, NC 27239

When you arrive at Denton FarmPark for the Country Christmas Train, you get to walk down the lighted candy cane path to the train station. You can then get on the Handy Dandy RailRoad and take a ride around the 1/2 mile track and see some Christmas lights and a short movie about the true meaning of Christmas. Along the ride is a live nativity scene and a dedication to the military. When you finish the train ride, stop by the Gingerbread House and Laramie’s Cakery for fresh baked goods and gingerbread cookies that are made right in front of you. Continue down the lighted pathway to see the Grist Mill, General Store, Radio Museum, Church, Shoe Shop, Gas Station, Myres Car Shop, Doll Museum, Coke Museum, and enjoy a petting zoo and horse-drawn carriage rides. There are also fun rides for the kids, like a Ferris wheel, swinging tubs, and more! After you see the tiny Christmas village with all the lights, vendors, and interesting historical artifacts, you can get a tram ride down to the plantation. At the plantation, you will see what life was like a long time ago. See the blacksmith work in his shop, the plantation house, and how people lived and cooked. In the sleeping quarters, see how candles are made. When you're done, ride the tram back to modern times and follow the path to the Craft Barn and finish your night with some good food and many crafts inside before you head back home!

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