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Important Note - Health Seminar

The Barbara O’Neill health seminar which was scheduled for March 19-23 has been CANCELLED. For ticket refunds or other questions please use this link

This event was originally planned by the Winston-Salem First SDA church, with the intention that it be held there. Once it became clear that they did not have a large enough facility, their leadership contacted us to inquire if we would be willing to help, to which we agreed. Our commitment, however, was based on what our facility would normally accommodate, which we assumed our friends at Winston-Salem First SDA would be familiar with, based on joint ventures of the past. There were obviously miscalculations, and we are very sorry that things did not work out on this occasion.

While the Kernersville SDA leadership were not a part of the planning process outside of willingness to offer our facilities, we would appreciate your understanding towards the Winston-Salem First SDA church. Their idea to invite a fellow SDA health minister like Barbara O’Neill to do a health series is a somewhat normal affair within our denomination. She, however, has obviously developed a much larger following than what was expected in the past, even outside of our church doors; making this particular endeavor significantly more challenging to plan. Again, we thank you for your understanding.


The information Barbara O’Neill usually covers in her seminar is available on video here:


The Facebook event that some of you may have become aware of was NOT initiated by either the Winston-Salem First SDA church or the Kernersville SDA church. Nor did they ask permission or get permission from either church’s leadership to initiate such an event. Nor were they connected with our churches in any way. Thank you again for your understanding.

-The Kernersville SDA Communications Team

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