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Valentine's Themed Cooking Class

Learn plant-based, all-natural Valentine's Day themed recipes.

This cooking class is open to both church members and non-members, young and old, and anyone who is serious, interested, or at least curious about ways to improve health and endurance by means of “Forks over Knives”. We come from a scientific, as well as a Biblical point of view. Science proves today that the instruction God gave people in the beginning--to eat a whole foods plant-based diet (see Genesis 1:29)--is still the best means to prevent and reverse disease. What?, How?, and When? we eat makes a difference to us and the next generation.

Due to prevalent food sensitivities in people who usually attend the class, we mostly prepare gluten-free recipes, or at least wheat free; peanut free options as well. At the end of the demos, we taste what we make.

Date: February 4th

Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Location: Kernersville SDA Church (Directions)

Suggested Donation: $10-15

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