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We are committed to increasing the involvement of our Young

Adults and Youth in their relationship with God and the church.

As our children begin to grow into adulthood and become more independent, it is crucial that they are well-acquainted with the Bible and its teachings to combat the moral decline of our day.  It is also important that our young people have a grounded support system to encourage, uplift, and strengthen one another, and to fight against worldly peer-pressure, temptation, and bad influences.


At Kernersville, our youth can build their faith and surround themselves with other Bible-believing Christians who want to reach their highest potential and live a better life filled with a love and joy that only Christ can give.


Sabbath School

Please join us every Sabbath day for a more detailed and in-depth group discussion of Biblical truths that will challenge, encourage, and inspire you.

Two of the four quarters of Sabbath School correlate with the same study topics as the Adult Bible Study Guide, while the two remaining quarters review topics that specifically address youth-related issues.

"The Lord has appointed the youth to be his helping hand.”—Testimonies for the Church 7:64.

Social Vespers

AY (Adventist Youth) Social Vespers are Friday night gatherings, of youth and young adults, that mix Bible study and fun social connecting.


Please see our Calendar or Events for the next scheduled social.


"The company which the young now keep, the habits they now form, and the principles they now adopt are the index to the state of society for years to come."—Adventist Home 15:2.

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